Tom Clancy's Oath of office

Mark Cameron
Heftet | Nivå: Voksen | Serie: Jack Ryan | EngelskEAN: 9781405935470

Innbinding: Heftet
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129 kr


The latest thriller in the Jack Ryan series, which has recently inspired an Amazon Prime adaptation. President Ryan must join the dots of a dark and elaborate conspiracy. On a crowded tourist beach in Portugal, US operatives use a high-tech drone to watch a French arms dealer flirt with a beautiful woman. But it's only when she leaves that they realise she has shot him dead. In Iran, protests are growing against the oppressive regime, whipped up by a charismatic student. Most external observers are excited, but on the ground a spy of questionable loyalty senses something is badly amiss. Meanwhile, with the United States reeling from a string of natural disasters, Russian troops and ships are massing on the borders of the Ukraine, bringing the two powers ever closer to war. Across the globe a conspiracy is brewing, so darkly brilliant that no-one has yet joined the dots. And the distracted President Ryan doesn't have much time to play catch-up. Little does he know that he faces a madman with a plan more devastating than he could possibly imagine ...

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