Those who are loved

Victoria Hislop
Heftet | Nivå: Voksen | Sidetall: 480 | Engelsk | EAN: 9781472223227

Innbinding: Heftet
149 kr


Two women. Two sons. Two islands.Themis and Aliki grew up under the German occupation of Greece and subsequent Civil War that tore the country in two. The polarised ideologies of left and right ushered in violent and bloody struggle.
The two women meet while imprisoned on the exile island of Makronisos, having been members of the communist army. Themis has given birth to a son, Angelos, but is too malnourished to feed him so Aliki offers to wet nurse the boy. When Aliki is condemned to death, Themis promises to find and raise Aliki's son, Nikos, for the two boys share the same father - army captain, Fotis.
Themis raises Angelos and Nikos as brothers but they are caught in the tensions between left and right. Angelos flees to America while Nikos, the more rebellious spirit, is killed when army tanks attack students demonstrating against the Junta. Themis is heartbroken, but the slaughter of the innocent students restores democracy to Greece, Nikos has not died in vain.

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