The psychopaths among us

Anne Brudevold
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Anne Brudevold: The Psychopaths among us.
Translated from Norwegian into English by
Edwina Reiler.

Psychopathy and psychopaths are constantly ercurring yopics which never cease to interest us. Psychopaths concern us all because they walk among us. Unfortunately, we often Discover them too late, or not at all, and this often leads to a great deal of strain and emotional damage.

This book describes how psychopaths can assume many different forms. We are given an Insight into the psychopaths' way of being,and their use of strategies and manupulation teqniques, and the criteria on which these are based. The book refers to research which gives indication as to what psychopathy is, and how it is developed. We read how ppsychopaths behave differently in different settings and situations, and how they are able to outmanoevre and confuse their victims. The book contains several examples of how psychopaths are able to gain Power and destroy the lives of those around them - from individuals, families, friends, colleagues and organizations to whole contries and their inhabitants, even as far as to destroy the world peace.

This book presents the psychopathic personality disorder in a clear way and manner. We learn how decisive it is to learn and understand what psychopathic personality disorder is in order to be able to recognize psychopaths and to avoid to be caught in their web.

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