Teaching a foreign language: principles and procedures

Aud Marit Simensen
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This book about foreign language teaching combines theory and practice in a new and innovative manner. The first part reviews theory, past and present, with cross-references to practical implications in part II. Part II on practical procedures regularly refers back to relevant theory in part I. Among the new topics included in the present edition are English as an international language and information and communication technology. For the sake of convenience, a complete list of the web sites referred to in the book can be found online.
The book accounts for different ideas about foreign language learning, describes different approaches to teaching, assessment and testing, including self-assessment and electronic testing, characterizes a variety of classroom activities, and discusses crucial questions in relation to issues such as self-directed learning.
The book is designed to address the needs and concerns of a wide audience. It may be used as a basic text in courses in the teaching oforeign languages as well as in applied linguistics, and as a handbook for students writing M.A. and Ph.D. theses. It is also suitable for experienced teachers and syllabus developers seeking an overview of current theoretical issues in the field.
Aud Marit Simensen is professor of foreign language education in the Department of Teacher Education and School Development at the University of Oslo.

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