Supercars: the world's top performance machines

Richard Gunn
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Fast, glamorous and extravagant, a supercar encapsulates the romance, power and freedom of the motor car in one beautifully-designed package. Supercars looks in detail at 75 of the most celebrated vehicles from Europe, Japan and America, providing a pocket-sized reference guide to those machines at the pinnacle of automative engineering. Covering all the most famous makes, including AC, Ferrari, Lotus, Pontiac, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Porsche and BMW, Supercars is packed with a wealth of technical and historical information. Each of the 75 vehicles is examined over four pages, with outstanding three-view colour photography and detailed annotations. A specification table provides full technical details, while under-the-bonnet photographs and artworks display the engine configuration and authoritative text fills the reader in on the vehicle's development and production history. Arranged alphabetically from the AC 428 to the Venturi Atlantique, accessibly written and packed with colour photography of some of the world's best cars, Supercars is a must for any car enthusiast.

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