Sunday morning coming down

Nicci French
Heftet | Nivå: Voksen | Serie: Frieda Klein(7) | Sidetall: 416 | Engelsk | EAN: 9781405918633

Innbinding: Heftet
129 kr


For years psychotherapist Frieda Klein has believed serial killer Dean Reeve escaped justice. That, despite what the police say, he's still alive. And finally she has the evidence. Under her floor is the rotting corpse of an ex-policeman who she'd hired to hunt for Reeve.

Now the police have to take her seriously.

Because it is clear that whoever did this is very dangerous and must be found. It's also clear that they're not finished with Frieda - or those she loves most.

But as Frieda is about to learn - it's always darkest just before the dawn . . .

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