Ski touring in The Sunnmøre alps: ski guide for the mountains around Hjørundfjorden, Austefjorden og Storfjorden

Stig J. Helset
Heftet | Nivå: Voksen | Sidetall: 361 | EngelskEAN: 9788293090625

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The Sunnmøre Alps is one of the most beautiful areas for ski touring in Norway. White-clad mountains plunge into the deep fjords, and from the mountain tops you can enjoy panoramas of alpine peaks and glaciers. Spend the evening by the coast and you can watch the sun sink down into the Atlantic.
Stig J. Helset and Håvard Myklebust have produced a long-awaited guidebook for Ski Touring In The Sunnmøre Alps. For the first time, it is published in English. There is a special focus on the Hjørundfjorden area, and you will find tours to some of the most iconic alpine ski touring mountains in Norway, such as Skårasalen, Randers Topp and Slogen. There are also two suggested multi-day
traverses around Hjørundfjorden.
You will find overview images of the various mountain faces, with routes drawn directly onto the images. A special chapter about avalanches and cornice hazards is written by IFMGA mountain guide Christer Lundberg Nes.

Stig J. Helset (46) has been climbing the peaks of the Sunnmøre Alps all year long, for all of his life. He is the author of the book and has made all the route drawings. He is an Associate
Professor in Norwegian language at Volda University College. Håvard Myklebust (26) is one of Norway's leading outdoor photographers, and has taken most of the pictures. He is also a top level skimo racer and works as an engineer.

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