The ratline: love, lies and justice on the trail of a Nazi fugitive

Philippe Sands
Heftet | Nivå: Voksen | Sidetall: 304 | EngelskEAN: 9781474608145

Innbinding: Heftet
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In this riveting real-life thriller, Philippe Sands offers a unique account of the daily life of senior Nazi SS Brigadefhrer Otto Freiherr von Wchter and his wife, Charlotte. Drawing on a remarkable archive of family letters and diaries, he unveils a fascinating insight into life before and during the war, as a fugitive on the run in the Alps and then in Rome, and into the Cold War. Eventually the door is unlocked to a mystery that haunts Wchter's youngest son, who continues to believe his father was a good man - what happened to Otto Wchter while he was preparing to travel to Argentina on the 'ratline', assisted by a Vatican bishop, and what was the explanation for his sudden and unexpected death?

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