Project: Østfold University College, architect: Reiulf Ramstad arkitekter

Karl Otto Ellefsen
Heftet | Nivå: Voksen | Serie: asBUILT(3) | Sidetall: 186 | Engelsk | EAN: 9788253033280

Innbinding: Heftet
399 kr


Østfold University College Institutions for higher education are situated in nearly 60 localities all over Norway. Decentralisation and regional development have fuelled the system of modern university colleges from the 1960s, leading to an abundance of commissions for Norwegian architects. Following different spatial models, the projects pursue contemporary architectural ideas and adapt to local situations in various ways, from solitary buildings and campus development to educational institutions within urban gentrification strategies. The multifaceted, complex and well functioning Østfold University College, was designed by Reiulf Ramstad Architects after winning an open competition in 1998.

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