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Kart. falset | Nivå: Voksen | Serie: Insight guides travel map | Engelsk | EAN: 9781786718716

Innbinding: Kart, falset
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This detailed travel map is all you need to plan your route and navigate your way around Norway, and also includes area highlights, top attractions, places of interest, street plans, and a fabulous free app.· Travel Map Norway is drawn to a scale of 1:800 000 and shows the entire country, complete with a comprehensive index· Ideal for planning your route, and on-the-road-exploring· Includes free app, with top travel tips, and additional area highlights· Features a detailed street plan of Oslo, as well as Stockholm and Malmo· Outlines Top Attractions and places ofinterest, including national parks, nature reserves and heritage sites· Handy distance indicators, located in the margin, give distances to the nearest town and major locations· Shows roads, rail networks and ferry routes· Pictorial symbols allow for instant, easy recognition· Detailed topography, through the us

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