Hello, Pepi Nana

Andrew Davenport
Heftet | Nivå: 0-3 | Serie: Moon and me | Sidetall: 24 | Engelsk | EAN: 9781407198132

Innbinding: Heftet
99 kr


A beautiful book all about Pepi Nana and her friends from the co-creator of Teletubbies and creator of In the Night Garden . . . Inspired by tales of toys that come to life when no one is looking, this charming series tells the comical story of the special friendships between the endearing characters in Moon and Me. Meet Pepi Nana, who loves to share fun and magical adventures with her Toy House friends. 'Tiddle toddle!' Parents and children will love learning more about the toys inMoon and Me - the pre-school series for CBeebies that's a big hit for families with young children.

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