Contributions in natural resource economics: festschrift to Anders Skonhoft

Jon Olaf Olaussen
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Should there be wolves in Denmark? How do market interactions affect fishery management? Do non-use values matter? Does climate change affect sheep populations? Is discounting relevant when we face catastrophic risks?
Anders Skonhoft has strongly influenced the field of natural resource economics. His most important contributions are within bio-economic modeling, where he has been one of the most productive researchers since the 90s. In celebration of his 70th birthday, many of his former and present co-authors have contributed to this Festschrift. As a result, some of the very best experts from both economics and the natural sciences have written state-of-the-art, peer-reviewed scientific articles in his honor.
The subjects covered in the articles mirror the breadth of his contributions and range from management of wildlife, livestock, predators, ecosystems, and fisheries, to resource rents in agriculture and aquaculture, the effects of climate change and the role of discounting.

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