Classic recipes of Norway: traditional food and cooking in 25 authentic dishes

Janet Laurence
Innbundet | Nivå: Voksen | Engelsk | EAN: 9780754830191

Innbinding: Innbundet
129 kr


This title deals with traditional food and cooking in 25 authentic dishes. You can discover the delights of a distinctive Scandinavian cuisine in this new little book on Norwegian food and cooking. It includes traditional dishes such as Norwegian Fish Mousse and Beef Patties with Gravy, as well as regional specialities that include Bird's Nest Salad, Roe Deer Medallions with Redcurrants, and Tosca Cake. The introduction offers a concise overview of this highly regarded culinary tradition, plus a guide to the main ingredients of the country. From classic recipes for meatballs and marinated herrings to unexpected combinations and local variations, this lovely book unearths the mysteries of the magical food and cooking of Norway. Nutritional information for every recipe is given. It is illustrated with wonderful photographs by William Lingwood of practical steps and final dishes. The pearly clarity of the northern light of Norway is reflected in its pure and wholesome national cuisine. Choose from cold table dishes such as Herb Cured Fillet of Elk, soups that include apple and juniper, and fish dishes that feature salmon, crispy fried herring and carp.Meat and game dishes provide such delicacies as Braised Chicken with Mashed Swede, Roast Saddle of Roe Deer, and Quail in Cream Sauce. Tempting desserts such as Baked Apples with Ginger and Vanilla Christmas Biscuits complete this exciting Scandinavian experience.

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