Cicignon in Trondheim

Marte Rye Bårdsen
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En bok om Johan Caspar von Cicignon som har æren for Trondheim sentrums barokke gatenett og festningsanlegget Kristiansten.

Johan Caspar von Cicignon (born c.1625 in Oberwampach, Luxembourg) grew up to become a celebrated military engineer. In the history of Trondheim he is renowned as the creator of both the beautiful baroque city plan and the majestic fortress of Kristiansten.

In 1681, a ravaging fire destroyed most of the city. An urgent plan was required to rebuild and to secure the city from future fires as well as against military attacks. Cicignon was mandated to prepare the plan.

This book gives the readers an insight into the devastation caused by the fire in 1681 as well as the rebuilding and fortification of the city. In addition, there are detailed accounts of the main components in Cicignon's city plan, his work as a military engineer and his past and present impact on Trondheim.

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