A short introduction to the history of the United Kingdom

Jan Erik Mustad
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The intention with this short history book is to provide undergraduates with a brief introduction to the history of the United Kingdom. Its aim is to present a broad historical perspective on cultural, social, political and economic developments from the Norman Conquest in 1066 until the end of the 20th century. The book looks at British history with a Scandinavian reader in mind. The book provides readers with the necessary background for further studies of British culture, literature and language. It seeks to adopt an analytical approach, encouraging students to move beyond the stage of merely reproducing facts, figures and dates. The book focuses on historical change and attempts to trace and discuss causes and consequences of historical developments. It includes contributions from Atle Wold and Marit Berge. Jan Erik Mustad has long and varied experience from higher education in Norway. He is a frequently used commentator on British political, cultural and social issues and is the co-author of Contemporary British Society and Texts in Time. British Cultural Narratives from Defoe to Blair. Ulla Rahbek has published articles on black British culture, Australian literature and postcolonial issues. She has written a doctoral dissertation, Denied Heroes, Denied History: A Study of Characters in Five Texts by Caryl Philips and is a co-author of Texts in Time. British Cultural Narratives from Defoe to Blair.

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